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Hello. Welcome to the forum of $kills clan.    We are looking for a good place on Trackbase.       We are searching for good, mature fraggers.We don't accept whores/clanhoppers.       If you want to join, you must be able to make a decent rating!



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    Post by Olykiller on Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:49 pm

    Hello all

    There are some rules on our forums.
    First of all, whether like it or not, spam is not allowed. If we spam on this forum, it will be removed!
    Dont insult others
    No discrimination
    Respect everyone
    All people are welcome on our forums
    Topic relplies with bad language will be removed!
    If you have any complaints about one of our members, come with proof, otherwise you will be treated as a fool

    If you have any suggestions for our clan, contact Olykiller or Playboy on xfire or pm.

    $kills Clan

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